What is Round Up?

Last updated: August 25, 2022

Round Up is an easy, automatic way to increase your savings—with no extra effort required. If you have turned Round Up on in your Spruce account, each time a Spruce debit card transaction for a purchase or ATM withdrawal settles, we’ll round the transaction up to the nearest whole dollar amount and transfer the difference into your Extra Savings account. Just think of it as saving in autopilot—super easy saving in small amounts that add up over time! 

Tip: You’ll know a transaction is settled when you see it in your transaction history and it’s no longer listed as Pending.   

For example, when your grocery purchase with your Spruce card for $19.49 settles, we will transfer $.51 to your Extra Savings account.  

Also, if you make an out-of-network ATM withdrawal, you may get a Round Up. For instance, if you make a $20 withdrawal and the ATM owner charges you $2.50, when the transaction settles, you’ll see a $.50 Round Up transfer to your Extra Savings.  

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