Spruce overview

Want to learn about online banking with Spruce? See why it’s the choice for people who want to get better with money.

Account information

Find everything from password help to specific questions related to your Spruce Spending and Saving Accounts.

Card management

Questions about your digital or physical card? Get answers about ordering, using and replacing your Spruce card.

Send & receive money

Wondering how to send money with Spruce or receive funds to one of your accounts? Get the details here.

Saving goals

Spruce lets you set saving goals to help make your saving experience a little less stressful. Find out how they work.

Cash back rewards

Need a hand with our cash back feature? Learn how cash back rewards work when you spend money with Spruce.

Courtesy coverage

When money gets tight, Courtesy Coverage is here to give you a cushion. Learn more about what it is and how it works.


Paying with Spruce is a simple way to spend money smarter. Find out how and where you can spend your money here.