What is Courtesy Coverage?

Last updated: April 25, 2022

We know these moments happen and we got you covered! Courtesy Coverage allows you to make debit card purchase transactions, ATM withdrawals, and over-the-counter withdrawals using your Spruce Debit card that overdraw your Spending Account up to $20 with no overdraft fee, giving you support when money’s tight. It is not an extension of credit; it is an optional courtesy exercised at our discretion that should be used on those rare occasions as you have bumps in the road.

To get access to Courtesy Coverage, you must receive $200 in qualifying deposits over the relevant 35-day time period and opt in. These deposits can come from an employer or payroll provider, or government benefits payer, and must be deposited into your Spending Account as an automated clearing house (ACH) transfer. Tax refunds do not count. You must also have a positive Spending Account balance and turn on the functionality in the app or online. To keep using Courtesy Coverage after that, you need to continue to receive cumulative direct deposits of at least $200 every month and pay it back within 30 days. To learn more, please see sprucemoney.com/courtesy-coverage/.

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