Introducing simplified and secure direct deposit set-up with Atomic

It’s a no brainer that direct deposit is much a faster way to get paid and get money in your account compared to dealing with a paper check. But just getting direct deposit set up through your employer’s payroll can be a pain as you figure out their forms and processes.

Good bye pain. Hello easy! Now, you can set up direct deposit from your employer directly into your Spruce Spending account in just a few steps. No payroll forms to figure out.

Plus, you could earn a $50 bonus when you receive qualifying direct deposits* to your Spruce account, and direct deposit also unlocks helpful features such as getting paid up to two days early and up to $20 of courtesy overdraft protection

Spruce + Atomic: Direct deposit set up at your finger tips

Spruce has partnered with Atomic to put you in the driver’s seat so you can set up direct deposit on your own. Once you’ve confirmed the set-up, it generally takes one or two pay periods for everything to take effect.

Visit our Help Center to get started setting up Spruce direct deposit through Atomic.  

Direct deposit: Swift and secure

Adding direct deposit within the Spruce mobile banking app streamlines the process with your payroll provider.

But how does it work? Atomic uses its encrypted connection to update your employer or payroll provider’s system based on your instructions.  For more about the process or how your information is handled, review the FAQs or Atomic’s Terms and Privacy Notice.

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This information provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended as specific financial planning advice as everyone’s financial situation is different.

*Offer from H&R Block. Requires 1) opening of new Spruce Accounts between 1/1/23 and 6/30/23; and 2) $200 in qualifying direct deposits within 45 days of opening. Qualifying direct deposits are ACH credits, including direct deposits (but not tax refunds). Deposits that do not qualify are mobile check deposits, internal transfers, transfers within Spruce from external accounts, or cash transfers. $50 will be deposited within 14 business days after completing all requirements. Spruce Accounts may not be closed or restricted at payout. You are responsible for tax treatment of funds. Limit one per customer. May be modified or discontinued at any time.