Introducing Spruce!

Today, we are excited to announce another step forward in the transformation underway at H&R Block. We are expanding upon more than 15 years of delivering financial services with the introduction of Spruce, our new mobile banking app and debit card. Spruce is a financial technology platform focused on helping people be good with money.

Every year we have more than 12 million hours of conversations with our clients at tax time – conversations about important life events with hardworking Americans. As we help them get the best possible outcome at tax time, they share situations like, “I rely on payday loans just to get by.” In fact, we know two-thirds of Americans struggle with aspects of their financial health—spending, saving, and planning.

Knowing this, we had to do something to help. So, in less than 12 months, we took Spruce from concept to today’s launch. It’s one more way that we’re delivering on our brand promise, to provide help and inspire confidence in our clients and communities everywhere.

Spruce is the right product for the times, given how many Americans struggle with money—and how the pandemic has exacerbated these issues. Fintech companies have been launching new products for over a decade, and while their apps make it easier to manage your money, they don’t have much in the way of operating history. Traditional banks, by contrast, lead with their history of stability, but often lack the modern features offered by new fintech platforms. With Spruce, H&R Block is filling the gap—providing modern features to help support spending, saving, planning, and borrowing, from a brand people have trusted for more than 65 years.

As Spruce came to life, we didn’t need to perform extensive market research to uncover the needs of a new customer segment. Instead, we leveraged the insights we’ve gained from serving 22 million customers every year, who already trust us with their most personal financial details at tax time. Spruce and its features, such as customizable saving goals, cash back at places many of us already shop, early paycheck options, overdraft protection, credit monitoring, tax refund allocation assistance and more, came from our desire to ease the financial burden felt by too many. Spruce will help empower millions of Americans, giving them the tools to build healthy financial habits every day.

Thank you to all the H&R Block associates and partners who worked tirelessly to bring the Spruce vision to life over the past year. With this launch, we are proud to serve new and current customers in more ways than ever before. This is just one more important step as we continue our transformation to provide year-round services. I encourage you to learn more about Spruce at, and I hope you’ll sign up!

Spruce is a financial technology platform built by H&R Block, which is not a bank. Banking products provided by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC.