Saving goals

Money doesn’t save itself.

Spruce lets you automatically put money away for an emergency, a surprise expense, or those big purchases on your “someday” wishlist. Take the stress out of saving.

Decide on a saving goal.

What’s it gonna be? A car? A family trip? Whatever you’ve got your eye on, set up a dedicated saving goal for it.

Name that goal.

Give this specific goal a name so you always remember what you’re putting money towards when you’re saving.

Choose a photo.

It’s important to visualize and keep that goal top of mind. Browse the photo library and choose a picture that represents your goal.

Enter the amount you’ll need.

Whatever you’re saving for, set the amount of money you’ll need to save to meet that goal.

Set up automatic transfers.

Create an automatic transfer from your spending account to routinely add money to your goal. Or save according to your own schedule and make deposits manually.

Track your progress.

With every amount added, watch as you get closer and closer to meeting your goal.

Saving goal calculator

Small steps lead to big wins.

Use the saving goal calculator below to see how soon you could achieve your financial goal when you commit to saving regularly. Then get started with Spruce and create your own personalized saving goal to really make it happen!

I’m saving for

It’s your savings. Use it when you need it.

Sometimes life throws a curve ball your way. We get it. Spruce keeps your saving goals separate from your spending account, but you can move money back and forth whenever you need to.

Build your financial safety net.

According to financial studies, fewer than 40% of Americans said they could afford a $1,000 emergency. That’s why for many, establishing an emergency fund is the first step towards financial stability. Experts recommend having 3 to 6 months of expenses saved for emergencies. It might seem impossible until you get started. Every penny saved gets you closer.

Research conducted by the Financial Health Network.

Turn your purchases into savings.

Want to meet your saving goals even sooner? You could be earning cash back or stashing away extra pennies when you use your Spruce debit card.

automatic cash back

Cash back rewards

Automatic cash back.

Swipe your Spruce card at select retailers to get automatic cash back rewards deposited into your “Spruce Extra Savings” account.

round up spare change to savings

Round up

Turn spare change into savings.

Use Round Up to automatically round up your Spruce debit card purchases to the next dollar and deposit the change into your “Spruce Extra Savings” account.

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